Mila Dolman
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#19 Women's Day - Bronze Casting in Italy part I

I created a new sculpture - the Beast - and decided to cast it in bronze. So this series is devoted to bronze casting and marble carving in the city of Pietrasanta in Italy. After a long journey, I ended up in this city of artists for artists. My guide to the bronze workshop was the wonderful russian sculptor Alexey Morozov, and the marble studio was shown to me by the famous american sculptor Richard Erdman. In the end, I received a bunch of mimosa on International Women's Day March 8 from its marble master Mario. I lived in a medieval palace hotel Albergo Pietrasanta and looked at the bell tower designed by Michelangelo. We are together with my beast again gathering in Italy soon. Wait please for the second part of the journey! We need your support. In this world of hot metal everything is very expensive and incomprehensible, but very interesting.

#18 My ON/OFF Wings - RCA Berlin Trip 3

The final day of our trip to Berlin with students and tutors from the Royal College of Art. We visited The Julia Stoschek art collection, exhibition an African American artist Arthur Jafa. We walked and looked around outer and inner Berlin walls. We went to Martin-Gropius-Bau Museum where was a big retrospective of amazing Korean artist Lee Bul. I came to The Pergamon Museum and started my first video-art idea. I have tee at the famous Russian artist Vadim Zakharov apartment and look around his FREEHOME, the place where artists make exhibitions for artists. All the time a continued to be under the impression by the great film of Wim Wenders, 'Wings of Desire' and the news an 'angel' Bruno Ganz death made me sad.

#17 Artists & Demons

This series is about RCA students art trip to Berlin. I am an artist from Russia. I study Sculpture MA at the Royal College of Art. We went to Germany with my classmates and tutors in a school trip to observe contemporary art together. This is the second day of the trip. Today I'm haunted by the artists and their demons. I will tell you about the Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum für Gegenwart in a railway station. I'll show my favorite artists Joseph Beuys and Anselm Kiefer with his "Lilith at the Red Sea". I want to tell you about a young artist Agnieszka Polska and her exhibition The Demon's Brain. We found Rosa Luxemburg quotes on the street and communal Soviet show. Also I spend some time with curator Katia Kostroma, the wife of artist Alexei Kostroma. I was inspired by the drama "Wings of Desire" (Der Himmel über Berlin) by Wim Wenders. So you can find a few references to this great movie. Hope you like it.

#16 Wings of Desire / RCA art trip

This series is about RCA students art trip to Berlin. I am an artist from Russia and I study Sculpture MA at the Royal College of Art. We went to Germany with my classmates and tutors in a school trip to observe contemporary art together. This is the first day of the trip. I will tell you about the Christian Boros collection in a military bunker. I'll show you spy pictures of my favorite artists: Justin Matherly, Fabian Marti, Pamela Rosenkranz, etc. Also we will go to KW Institute for Contemporary Art to look at the one of the best Latin-American artist Beatrice González from Colombia and London-based artist Steve Bishop and his mushroom art. I will show where Peter Pavlensky took the idea of his performance. I was inpeard by my own memories of childhood in Germany and also the drama "Wings of Desire" (Der Himmel über Berlin) by Wim Wenders. So you can find a few references to this great movie. Hope you like it.

#15 The Professor of my dream Oleg Tatarintsev

I'm an art student and dedicate this series to my professor Oleg Tatarintsev, Russian famous ceramic artist. I will talk about my studies in Stroganov Art Academy and about my scandal diploma project. And also about the brilliant exhibition of Oleg Tatarintsev "Beoynd Borders" in pop/off/art gallery, WINZAVOD Contemporary Art Center, Moscow. This series is about real teachers, about borders, about censorship, about Russia, about how you should always to be sincere and honest to yourself.

#14 The man of my dreams - King Ashurbanipal

I was preparing for the first date with the man of my dreams. He is not an ordinary one, but of royal lineage, while I'm a total mess as usual. I've been looking forward this date for almost my entire life. I'm a Russian artist Mila Dolman, doing my MA in the Royal College of Art. The key word for my dissertation is Mesopotamia. I tell you about the incredible feeling after the exhibition at the British Museum. In this series also: students against BP corporation, curator Ancient Mesopotamia Gareth Brereton, story where I pretend I m a press, clay tablets, stone statues and reliefs. ...Everyone has their own Mr. Big – mine is Ashurbanipal. King of the world, king of Assyria.

#13 Happy Birthday from Teddy Bears

We'll tell you about Teddy Bears on my Birthday! Because while you have your Teddy, you are still a child and you should not forget about it. This series is also about President Theodore Roosevelt, unicorns, champagne, Pinokio, and the touching story from my friend Koy about her baby blanket, which she always carries with her. Short quiz: what do Mila and Koy have in common? ...Happy Birthday to me!

#12 Art Group ZIP - Art from Russia with Love

Artblog "Art Mile" shows real contemporary art in Russia. There is a unique art institution called "Typography" In the Kuban region. It was organized by artists - four guys from the art group ZIP. They teach young artists for free, organize serious exhibitions, Christmas fairs, they joke, create masterpieces, instill optemism and belief that art will save the world. Mila and Natasha had to go the hard way to get "Typography": we ran away from policemen, zombies-Cossack and insane advertising along the road. Give us like and Subscribe to us - we would be happy.

#11 Friendship

I love being friends. I am an artist from Russia Mila Dolman. I live in London and tell my story. This channel is my personal diary. In this series, I talk about friendship and my friends: an Englishman, a Taiwanese and a Frenchman. We are all different, but we are united by the love of art and freedom. We learn from each other and help each other and still gnawing seeds, sitting on the benches in front of the house, like old village ladies. This is in honor of the installation of Ai Weiwei "Sunflower Seeds".

#10 All about Love in Art (Modern Couples)

All we need is Love. All artists need a lot of love. We live and study in London at the Royal College of Art. Our new series is about "Modern Couples", the exhibition in Barbican. About famous couples of artists, writers and other creative people who worked together or separately, but lived together. Here you will find Salvador Dali and Federico Garcia Lorca, Oskar Kokoschka, Frida Kahlo, Marcel Duchamp and Maria Martins and many others. And also our personal rating!

#9 How flies work for the Serpentine gallery

We went to the Serpentine Gallery to watch the UUmwelt (Environment) exhibition by french artist Pierre Huyghe. There we were attacked by flies, which work for him as performance artists. What can we tell you about the life of animals in London? They live here very well. Many people in a worse situation. Make sure to have a dream to become a squirrel in Hyde Park in your next life.

#8 London Farmers Market

The farmers market in London is an important place for socialization. There you can find organic products and new friends from all over the world. Koy Lee and Mila Dolman (London based artists) try to go to Farm Market every Saturday. And then Koy prepares something unusual. This time it was roasted pumpkin flowers.

#7 All about my dissertation at Royal College of Art

My name is Mila Dolman. I am an artist from Moscow. I study at the best college in the world Royal College of Art at the Sculpture department in London. I have problems with English and therefore it is hard for me to study sometimes. I missed a year of study to cope with my thesis. It is called 'A journey back to the future: Reflections on the theme of Cultural Heritage in contemporary art'. This is a very personal and important work for me, since it is the theoretical basis of my artistic practice. I wrote about the cultural archive and the theme of the ruins in art. This video is my private archive of fears, experiences and self-doubt before meeting with the professor. Now I have passed my thesis and I m waiting for mark and still very anxious and I need year support.

#6 Art Exhibition in a Boutique

My classmate from Royal College of Art polland artist Radek Husak was invited to take part in an art exhibition, which was held right in the design clothing store. Koy and I drove there on Vespa. We could not find the road for a long time, came under London rain, met Frida Kahlo but in the end we achieved the goal. We want business and art have been much more collaborative, and this series is about how beautiful this friendship can be.

#5 Artist Celebrates Halloween

We dedicated this series to London life. My name is Mila Dolman. I', m an artist and a student of the best art college in the world RCA. We do love to celebrat Halloween in South Kensington with my friends - terrify our neighbors. It's great that at least one night in a year you can be yourself.

#4 The Trip to the gallery Hauser & Wirth Somerset

We went to the Hauser and Wirth gallery in Somerset. We met owners of the gallery amazing cuple Iwan and Manuela Wirth and charming director Alice Workman, and also resident artist Matthew Day Jackson. We were drunk homemade wine, fed incredibly tasty. We were shown art. What else can an artist dream of?

#3 What is The Turner Prize 2018

We went to Tate to have a look at the Turner Prize nominees. We were not very impressed. But on the way we met a kind old lady, then flood in the central London and a frightened live Pumpkin. Follow us!

#2 Frieze Art Fair Trip

We visited the main and lurgest art fair in London - Frieze - and now tell you about what is inside. We also found our own trends of this year there: Toilets, Dismemberment, Textiles and Neon in art. Also Sculpture Park!!! And our TOP-15 best works from the fair.

#1 First Day at Royal College of Art

How we spent our first day at the best art college RCA. How to get your place in the studio. Let's see what is inside.